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Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood Middle School Investor! I started this website to help young students and new investors learn about investing in stocks and in the process improve my own investing skills.

The key to successful investing is to buy stocks of good companies that are fairly valued or undervalued due to short term issues and hold onto them for a long time. Good investments grow in value over time. If you start investing when you are young, your investments have more time to grow. Young investors can also learn from mistakes and become better investors.

Did you know $100 invested in Amazon stock in 2009 would be worth over $6,000 today?! $100 invested in Starbucks in 2009 would be over $2,500 today not counting dividends!

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Happy Investing in 2022!

* Note - This website is to be used for educational purposes only. These are my personal opinions and not recommendations to buy or sell any stocks.

** Side note - I am very interested in coding and built this website myself during winter break. Check out the About Me page for more information!