This is me, coding away!
Middle School Investor
Learn to invest and write code!
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  About me
This is me, coding away!
I am a seventh grade student in Rachel Carson Middle School. My two big interests are computer programming and stocks. That gave me the idea of creating this website to share my knowledge about stocks with students and those new to investing.

In this website, I will provide a list of the stocks in my portfolio and a brief write up for each company explaining my reasoning behind owning that stock. There will also be a watch list for stocks that I am interested in buying at a good price.

Good stock selection includes identifying companies that are constantly improving their products and have good growth, good management and products that will be useful or have high demand in the present and future. All of the companies in my portfolio and the watch list have these qualities.

For those interested in coding, I built this website using the below technologies -
* Java v1.8
* Java Servlets
* Java Server Pages
* JavaScript
* Apache Tomcat Server

If you have any questions, please send a note using the Contact page and I will be happy to share my knowledge.