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  Hi! I was out on a vacation for spring break this weekend. So this week's newsletter will be a shorter version. I will go back to the usual detailed version from next week onwards.

The market continued to go up this week. In fact, the market has been on an upward trajectory since March 14th. If the stock market is a mountain, stock prices have been rolling down the mountain since early January. Stock prices have started to climb up again lately. However, there is a chance that this is just a bear market rally. The big problems like inflation are still there. If it is a bear market rally, stock prices will start to roll down again. The bottom of the mountain may or may not have been found on March 14th. I will write more about bear market rallies in the next newsletter.

Buys -
Bought 1 ADBE at $423.23
This week, I started a new position in Adobe. ADBE is a good long term stock to own. This week, the quarterly results were poor, and the stock price went down. I used the opportunity to buy one share of Adobe. It is not exactly a cheap stock but it never is.

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