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The week that was:

Hi, welcome to the MSI newsletter! I was busy this week preparing for my SOLs and annual recital.It has been another busy and crazy week in the markets. The Nasdaq is still going down but it is now the turn of the S&P 500 stocks to correct. Big stocks like Target crashed by 25% in a single day.

While I am unable to write the usual detailed MSI newsletter, I am excited and looking forward to the newsletter next week.

One of our favorite stocks, Ross Stores, had a particularly bad day on Friday and crashed by as much as 22% on Friday. Retail stocks in general have crashed. Don't be scared out of Ross, though. It is a topnotch company. It is a great buying opportunity for long term investors. I will be adding to my position.

Happy investing and please try to resist the urge to sell good stocks in the panic caused by stock market crashes.